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Pentagrom puts your music practice on steroids

Pentagrom gives you real-time visual and auditory feedback of each note you play or sing. the app tells you which note you’re playing, how it’s called, and where it is written on a music score. Thanks to it’s patented technology, you can adjust the display to any key signature, so that the visual feedback stays true to how each note should appear in written music.

Features, features, features

  • Works with any instrument

  • Perfect for singers

  • Extremely valuable for beginners and pros

  • Upload a MIDI song and select the instrument you want to see

  • Record yourself and share it!

  • Select any key signature

  • All cleffs

  • Octave control

  • Tempo control

  • Transposing instruments friendly (for B♭ and E♭)

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Why is Pentagrom so good for me?

Have you ever wondered what’s going on in your brain as you learn music? In a nutshell, to learn music means to make a fluid connection between your sense of touch (what you play), ear (what you hear) and sight (how that sound it’s written). Pentagrom helps you answering these questions in real-time for you, note by note, making the connections instantly so that your brain can learn by association.

How can I tune?

Pentagrom gives you real-time feedback for every note you play or sing, so that tuning feels as natural as ever.

By looking at the screen you’ll get visual feedback of the name and written position of each note. [Coming soon!] By using your headphones you’ll hear auditory feedback: you’ll listen to the reference of how the note you’re singing should sound like exactly.

Imagine you could take a sneak peek into the brain of a musician with a perfect pitch, listening to every note you make. Available for you 24/7. 

Pentagrom app allows you to learn music in a much more efficient way by allowing the user to connect the senses while playing

How would this be written?

Pentagrom picks up every note you play or sing and tells you which note it is and how it would be written on a music score. As simple and as powerful as that. You’ll see how you’ll begin to learn how notes are written by associating their sound with their place in written music.

Plus, you can upload a MIDI file, choose an instrument, and watch and hear only it’s notes for that song. Imitate was never easier.

Which note am I playing?

Pentagrom’s screen tells you visually which note you’re playing or singing, and how it would be written on a score. That means you’ll start associating each string, key, position with their written notes. It’ll feel natural. Try with any instrument. Including your voice, of course.

You can also play notes right on Pentagrom, as if you could simply press the notes on a music score and hear their sounds. You couldn’t read a single note, you say? Not anymore. Reading notes tapping on Pentagrom is as easy as following the little dots.

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Are you a teacher?

Us too.

Pentagrom wins 1st prize for Most Innovative startup in Ed-tech from SEK Lab Accelerator

Pentagrom is the result of more than 20 years of experience and research in music education, to all ages and levels.

Pentagrom was presented at the Spanish National Congress of Music Conservatories (if you’re interested, here’s the full article).

We’ve successfully patented Pentagrom is the US, the EU, Japan and 3+ countries.

 Why is Pentagrom good for my classes?

For you, the teacher, Pentagrom serves as a great way of explaining visually any concept in music theory, so that your student can grasp it’s meaning intuitively, literally watching the connection with the sound and their instrument. Also, send your students midi files, so they can practice being 100% certain their playing the right notes, tuning correctly and learning written music at the same time.

Pentagrom is as flexible as a calculator: you can use it for simple sums, or to solve complex equations.

You can use our app (Android or iOS) or, if you work with midi instruments, you can use our free desktop software Pentagrom Screen.

Child using Pentagrom -the best music practice app

Will my students like Pentagrom?

Of course! For your students, Pentagrom is like having you by their side, giving them feedback of every note, so they can correct themselves in real-time: their practice time will be much more efficient. Plus, they’ll be practicing written music without noticing! 

Pentagrom is great for beginners:

  • Learn the position of the notes on their instrument

  • Understand the connection between written music and their instrument

  • Get familiar intuitively with concepts like transposition, Movable Do, key signatures…

  • Basic ear training and tuning practice.

And also for more advanced students:

  • Practice sight reading with complex key sigatures

  • Understand and practice advanced music theory concepts

  • Advanced ear training

Already using Pentagrom…

SEK Ciudalcampo International School
“Pentagrom is very useful as a tech music education tool. It’s a perfect tool to develop a good music lab. It’s intuitive and easy to use for the students”
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